**NEW COLORS** Reusable Cotton PPE Facemasks


Why not use a facemask that represents you as well as protects you?

Face the world – or the grocery store – with a fashionable and comfortable facemask. Localities and businesses are implementing different regulations at different times, now is not the time to be caught without a mask! These make a great gift for family, friends, and yourself!

Rebecca’s Vault’s exclusive, hand-crafted cotton facemasks. All masks are lined and have a pocket for disposable filters.




  • Cotton PPE Mask
    • Several Colors and Patterns to choose from!
    • 3 Different Sizes Available: Adult Small, Adult Medium and Adult Large (Best for Beards!)
    • Mask has internal lining and a pocket for Carbon Fiber filters
  • 4 pack Disposable Carbon Filters*

*Change Filter weekly when using daily

Additional information

Weight 4.41 lbs
Dimensions 20.47 × 47.64 × 4.72 in

Blue Geode, Grey Crackle, Mermaid Skeletons, Green, Bright Royal Blue, Black, Purple Paisley, Purple Medallions, Special Edition: Orange Houndstooth, Special Edition: Orange/Navy Tartan, Purple and Blue Swirls, Purple and Green Paisley, Blue Crackle, Pastel Watercolors, Blue Leopard


Adult Regular, Adult Medium, Adult Large


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