Kocostar Sheet Face Mask


Types Available;

White Happy Mask - Deeply moisturizes and brightens the skin

Black Happy Mask - Deeply moisturizes the skin and cleanses clogged pores by removing fine dirt and debris

Kiwi Slice Mask - Loaded with Vitamin C & E, Kiwi also has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties

Cucumber Slice Mask - A hydrating essence mask that enables you target specific areas of the skin

Vitamin Mask - infused with vitamin C & E for deep hydration and toning up the complexion for a cheerful look

Hydrating Happy Mask - repairs the skin’s natural moisture barrier to keep your skin healthy and hydrated



Looking for a Stocking Stuffer for someone who likes a little pampering, but also likes to keep things easy? These single-use Sheet Face Masks from Kocostar are the perfect find! Available in a variety of types, these are sure to be a memorable Stocking Stuffer for Men and Women!!

Additional information

Mask Type

White Happy Mask, Black Happy Mask, Hydrating Happy Mask, Vitamin Mask, Cucumber Slice Mask, Kiwi Slice Mask



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