About Us

About Rebecca

Rebecca Troxell, Founder and CEO Rebecca’s Vault, has always been more excited about giving a gift than receiving one. Even as a small child, Christmas mornings were graded not on the gifts she received but the reactions she received from the gifts she gave.

Through the experience of life, Rebecca learned that there are all sorts of gift givers, those who know exactly what to give and those who have no idea, those who love to find just the right and those who would rather be set on fire than walk into a store, those who give for the joy of it and those who give because of a sense of obligation.

Something else Rebecca has learned is that many gift solution options are too expensive, too cheap, or too boring.

As an inspired gift giver, Rebecca created Rebecca’s Vault to help find the perfect gift for every occasion.


How it works

When you do not have the time or inspiration to shop for the perfect gift, come to Rebecca’s Vault. We make you look forward to your next gift giving opportunity!

Choose a package

Provide some basic information for your recipient

Select your budget range

Schedule a Consultation with Rebecca

Rebecca with send you options that fit your budget, just select and pay!

We elegantly wrap your gift and deliver it per your instructions


It’s our job to wow you with our recommendations. If you don’t like what we suggest, don’t fret, we’ll work with you until we get it right.

Why It Works

When you let Rebecca’s Vault take over your gift giving, you gain all the benefits of giving the perfect gift without the agony of finding a gift and making in perfect.

We find unique, inspired gifts that let your recipient know how much they mean to you.

Give us your calendar and you’ll never be caught unaware of those special occasions again.

We make it pretty!

You experience the joy of giving a great gift!


Presentation is everything! The gift experience starts with the wrapping. Have you got gorgeous tissue paper, ribbon, and wrap for every occasion? We didn’t think so. Why should you when we do it for you? All gifts arrive beautifully wrapped – it’s an essential part of THE GIFT CONCIERGE Co. experience – with a personal message from you.


Why waste your cash on unwanted gifts and unused vouchers? Are you guilty of settling for a last minute (impersonal) voucher? Apart from scoring no points for thoughtfulness or originality, it might pain you to know that billions of dollars worth of gift cards go unused or expire each year.


Ever wondered why they call it the “GIFT OF GIVING”? Gift giving has been linked to the release of oxytocin, a hormone (also released during sex and breast feeding) that induces feelings of warmth, euphoria, and strengthens bonds between people. It evokes gratitude and helps make you and the recipient more generous – which is integral to happiness, health, and social bonds.